Saturday, December 19, 2015

Adventure to Santa

     Yesterday the boys and I got up bright and early to visit Santa at the mall. We had a 9:00am appointment. Even though I didn't like getting out of the house that early, I'm glad we did. There was no wait, no hassle, and people were just coming into the mall as we leaving.

     I personally don't think of Shrek when I think of Christmas, but this was our second year to do the Adventure to Santa and both boys really enjoy it.

     First the boys had to play a sleigh ride game to learn how to fly the sleigh and get their pilot's license.

     Then we went on a sleigh ride with the Shrek characters to the North Pole. Lucas got really excited during this part! When we arrived at Customs at the North Pole, the boys built their own gingerbread cookie on a game before seeing Santa.

Finally we went in to visit Santa. It was great because we were in a room by ourselves with Santa and the photographer. There were no distractions. 

     Logan asked for a hamster. They read The World According to Humphrey in class this semester, and he's been asking for a hamster ever since. 

     Lucas asked Santa for an art desk. He's really into drawing and coloring and crafting. 

Merry Christmas from Santa & the Shaw Boys!!!

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