Sunday, December 7, 2014

Logan's Baptism

     A couple of weeks ago, Logan went down during the invitation to let our church know about his decision to follow Christ and his desire to be baptized. He was so brave. I told him if he wanted to get baptized, that he would need to go down front. I told him to go when he was ready, and Daddy and I would follow him. Without hesitation, he got up, and told us he was ready to go. And he led the way.

    This morning, Logan was baptized at the end of the service. Grammie, Pepaw, Grandma, Justin, and Nanny (Colleen, their godmother) were all there to support Logan. He did not know that Nanny was coming, so he was very excited to see her!

     We went to get ready during the invitation prayer. Logan was so excited; he was almost running up the stairs! I kept reminding him to be quiet so we wouldn't disrupt the service. He quickly changed, and Pastor Matt met us upstairs. We took some pictures while we were waiting for his turn in the service.

    Then Pastor Matt and Logan went down into the baptistry. The water was very warm. I could feel the heat as soon as we opened the door. Logan did so well. He was confidently answered Pastor Matt's questions. And he did great when Matt dunked him in the water.

      There is nothing more beautiful and more joy filled than watching your child choose to follow Jesus and confidently walk in obedience and be baptized. I pray Logan always walks confidently with Jesus.

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