Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Attitude of Praise

     "An attitude of praise...requires a heart that is sold out for God, a heart that loves Him not for what He does, but for who He is." ~Lysa TerKeurst, Am I Messing Up My Kids?  

     I read this this morning and it hit me hard. As I reflect on the months since we lost our baby girl, I realize praise and thankfulness came much easier for me when I was focused on who God is,  His character,  and was trusting that He was working to bring good from our loss. 

     My most difficult times and struggles have been when I've taken my eyes off of that. When I was focused on my loss. When I focused on the why questions rather than trusting His ways and purposes. 

     An attitude of praise and thankfulness has been a major area the Lord has been working on me these past months. While I've grown a lot in having a thankful heart and attitude of praise, there is still plenty room to grow. 

     An attitude of praise begins with a deliberate choice to focus on who He is. After all, who He is is what prompted Him to take on flesh, be born a baby who would die and become not just my Savior but the Savior of the world. That is what Christmas is all about. 

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