Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adventure to Santa

     This morning the boys and I went to the Parks Mall for Adventure to Santa. This is a new Santa experience at the mall. I really had no idea what to expect even after looking at the information they had online. I made a reservation online last night. We went through the adventure with another family of three that had a baby boy. Shrek and Donkey were a part of the adventure too through video. We started by taking a family picture with Shrek, and they gave us our passport. Then we entered Santa's house, but Santa was missing. The elf took us into another room, and the boys designed their own sleighs on a computer. Then the elf took us into the sleigh room, and we rode a sleigh to the North Pole. It was kind of like a mini Omni theater. When we reached the North Pole, we went through customs where another elf stamped our passport. Then the boys went in to see Santa and visit with him. It was nice because they took one family in at a time. While we were visiting Santa, the other family was checking the Naughty or Nice list. Santa was so friendly, chatted with boys, and asked them lots of questions. Then we stepped through the magic portal door, and were back in the mall. They had a gift shop of DreamWorks merchandise where you wait for your pictures. I was not prepared for that. Meaning I was not prepared to say no to extras, so the boys both walked away with a cup each. Overall, it was a fun experience that the boys enjoyed. It was nice not to wait in a long line, and to have some private time with Santa without everyone staring at you.

Logan's sleigh design

Lucas's sleigh design


  1. I was curious about that when we went the mall the other day. It looked crazy! What a neat idea, though.

  2. It was totally fun and totally worth it!