Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our Week in Pictures

Sunday~We had the rare treat of having all three boys.

Monday~Logan loves practicing his spelling words on his i-Pad mini. We use the A+ Spelling app. His favorite is to unscramble the words.

Tuesday~Logan voted in class and I voted after school. It was cold and rainy, but we didn't let the weather deter us. Then Ninja Turtle Lucas showed up right before bedtime. 

Wednesday~Logan affirmed the most important decision of his life at Kingdom of God night at AWANA, his decision to follow Jesus! Joshua and I are so happy and proud!

Thursday~Lucas wrote in three different spots on one of the walls in the den. His response: "No I didn't." Me: "You wrote your name!" Lucas: "Oh man! I should've wrote Logan!" I love my Lucas. He's such a mess!

Friday~We let the boys stay up late and had movie night. Joshua's crazy holiday hours have kicked in. It's the time of year when we take advantage of every little bit of family time we can.

Saturday~Lucas lost his third tooth! (It's the second tooth that was ready to come out on its own.)

And now we're celebrating a Bama overtime win against LSU in Death Valley! Roll Tide!

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