Thursday, November 6, 2014

Logan's New Life

     Last night, Logan and I were working in his T&T book on a search site, where you look up Bible verses and answer questions. It's like a mini Bible study. The verses were about Timothy and how he was Paul's son in the faith. The questions were Are you a believer? And whose's child in the faith are you? Logan answered yes to the first question. And I told him as nicely but as firmly as I could, that I really didn't think he was believer. He was insistent that he is. I asked him if he would talk to Pastor Matt. He told me no, but he would talk to Miss Cynthia. I had encouraged him several times over the last couple of months to talk to Cynthia, but when it came down to it, he would always make an excuse not too. I told him he could talk to Cynthia, but he had to talk to her himself, I was not going to do it for him.

     When we arrived at church, he kept looking for Cynthia. He saw her right before choir, but I told him he needed to go to choir practice and he could talk to her afterward. I ended up having to bring Lucas home to clean him up, and I told Logan I was leaving and would be back as soon as I could. All he wanted to know was if he could still talk to Cynthia. I told him he could.

      When I got back to church with Lucas, AWANA had already started. I took Lucas to his class, and the older kids needed listeners, so I went upstairs to listen to kids say their verses. When I went upstairs, I saw Cynthia and asked her if Logan had talked to her. She said it was the funniest thing because God had laid on her heart all week that she needed to talk to Logan no matter what, so she had already planned to talk to Logan anyway. She had told him that she would talk to him during his handbook time (when they say and practice their verses).

     I helped Kelli work with some kindergarteners on their Bible verses. Then I helped with the older T&T group. When I came out, Logan was talking to Cynthia, so I went downstairs to where the Sparks were playing games. Cynthia came downstairs and told me she thinks Logan is already a Christian. He told her he had prayed when he was six years old. It was on Thanksgiving Break. He had told her my mom doesn't believe me though. I had honestly been stalling Logan and putting him off for over a year because I wanted to know that I know that he knows for sure what he was doing. Logan knows all the right answers because he's been in church since he was a baby. He's been hearing about Jesus at home since he was a baby. I wanted Logan's faith in Jesus to truly be Logan's faith in Jesus. I didn't want him to do it because it would make Joshua and I happy. Or because it was the way we have raised him. We want his faith to be his own.

    Cynthia told him he needed to talk to Pastor Matt about getting baptized, but he could wait and do that with his parents if he wanted. Logan told her he want to surprise his parents by going ahead and talking to Pastor Matt. So Miss Rachel took Logan to find Pastor Matt so he could talk to him.

     Miss Rachel asked him questions while they were going to find Pastor Matt. Then Pastor Matt sat down and talked to him and asked him questions to make sure Logan understood. Pastor Matt told Logan no one can have faith for you, not your mom, not your dad, not me. You have to have faith in Jesus for yourself. Logan told him he did. Pastor Matt also told him that no one can really know for sure that Logan has faith in Jesus except Logan. Logan told him again that he has faith. Pastor Matt told Logan that he talks to a lot of people of Jesus and he can usually tell when they know it in head but not in their heart. He told Logan he thinks Logan has faith in his heart. That Logan knows it in his heart. He told Logan that we do need to pray and ask God for forgiveness when we sin, but we don't have to ask Jesus to come into our heart again because once we ask Him, Jesus is always there. So he told Logan they didn't need to pray and ask Jesus into his heart because Logan had already done that. But they did pray together and thank God for Jesus and for Logan's salvation. Pastor Matt prayed that Logan would be comfortable when they did baptism, that Logan would desire to tell other people about Jesus, and that Logan would want to learn more about God.

     He was so excited to be able to tell Daddy when Joshua came home from work. Joshua was actually home when we got home from church. Logan tricked his daddy and told him Miss Cynthia said he wasn't ready yet. Then he told his daddy, "I'm a Christian!". Of course, Joshua was excited and proud of Logan! On the way to school this morning, Logan told me he felt like it was a test last night because Miss Cynthia, Miss Rachel, and Pastor Matt asked him lots of questions. He told me he knew he was going to pass the test though because God is with him and was helping him. He was so confident and I loved that!

     The other two people he wanted to tell were his coaches, Coach Davidson and Coach Ignatz because he knew they were going to be so proud of him too. Logan said both coaches gave him a big hug and told him they were proud of him. Lots of people told him welcome to the family when he told them. After school, he came into my classroom and said everyone keeps telling me welcome to the family. What does that mean?  I told him because we're the family of God. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. He said Oh. That makes so much sense! There were a few people who weren't excited and I could tell he was disappointed by that. I asked Logan what Pastor Matt had told him about that the night before. Logan said I need to pray for them and tell them about Jesus.

     I love how excited Logan is to tell people he is a Christian. Honestly, it's been a little convicting. I need to be more excited and more purposeful about sharing with others what Jesus has done for me.

     Joshua and I are so thankful for Logan's salvation. We are so thankful for those who have prayed with us for Logan's salvation, and for those who have joined with us in teaching Logan about Jesus.

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. 
The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"
2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

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