Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Trees

     After Thanksgiving lunch, we put up and decorated our Christmas trees. We started with the boys' trees because they were extra excited about the new trees we had bought for them on Wednesday night. Lucas chose a teal tree, and Logan chose a blue tree. I really, really dislike "colored" Christmas trees. I think they should all be green, but Daddy said they could get whatever small tree they wanted. So I rolled with it. Honestly, now that they are decorated, they look a lot better than they did in Walmart and when we first took them out of the box. The boys love them and that is all that matters. They loved that Grammie and Pepaw helped them decorate their trees.

     Then my dad helped Joshua put our tree up in the den. We had to get a new tree for the den this year too. The boys and I decorated it. Joshua put the star on top. And then we started a fire and enjoyed the fire and Christmas lights. It was a beautiful end to Thanksgiving.

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