Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Every year, the boys get a new Christmas ornament. This year, they got Crimson Tide (or as Lukie says it Toll Tide!) ornaments with their name and the year. They are so excited about their new ornament. 

Joshua's mom brought them initial ornaments this year. Here is Logan's.

Here is Lucas'.

Logan made this ornament at school for Joshua and I. It's a blue ornament with his hand print in white paint. The fingers are decorated to be snowmen. It came with a cute little poem about little hand prints.

I always get sentimental when we decorate and take down the Christmas tree. Each ornament is special because it represents an important time in our life. Here's a couple of more that are special to our family.

Here's the ornament we bought Joshua the first Christmas Hollie celebrated Jesus birthday in heaven. Hollie was more than just my sister in law; she is one who introduced Joshua and I. We're so thankful for the time we had with her.

These snowflakes are part of  a set Mom crocheted. There are 12 and each one is different. These are precious heirloom we hope are passed down through our family.


  1. Our tree is the same way, full of ornaments passed down from my parents & his parents, & ornaments we have collected over the years as a married couple. I love how each ornament has its own little story. :) We didn't get the girls ornaments last year, but we did this year, & I hope to continue the tradition going forward. I saw this idea online to give them a yearly ornament that goes with what they're really "into" at the time & write the year on the bottom. So they hung them on the tree after opening their stockings today, but they know they're not supposed to play with the ornaments, so they were literally leaning in kissing their ornaments on the tree the rest of the day instead of touching them - silly girls. :)

  2. That is so precious! I love those sweet girls.