Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 in Pictures: March & April

In March, we celebrated Grammie's birthday at Johnny Carino's. We lost all of those pictures though. :(

Our friend Joel dressed as the Cat in the Hat and read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back to help the kindergarteners at my school celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Joshua took some vacation to be with us over Spring Break. We played Putt-Putt.

Rikki (one of my very best friends) and I went to the Third Day/Tenth Ave North concert with her Aunt and cousin. We ate at Red Lobster before the concert. We had so much fun! We were standing right in front of the stage...it was awesome!

We got new hair cuts!

In April, Logan stayed a weekend with Grandam & Papaw (Joshua's parents). Papaw let him ride the motorcycle by himself for the first time.

We took pictures in the bluebonnets one day after church.

We helped celebrate Duncan's first birthday. Lucas and Cadence were checking out his gifts while he was opening the rest.

 Logan had family night and sang at his preschool TLC. Here they boys are with Grandma.

Here's Logan with my parents.

Here are the boys at our church's Easter egg hunt the day before Easter.

Here they are some of their very best friends Siah and Grayson after the egg hunt.

Later in the day, we dyed Easter eggs.

 Logan and Lucas on Easter morning after finding their Easter baskets.

My sweet family on Easter morning before church.

My cousin Heather and Aunt Susie came over with Heather's daughters Madison and Chloe. They brought Easter eggs and Uncle Josh and Uncle Robert hid them in the backyard.

Logan and I started working on drawing a person step by step. I drew me and he drew himself. Logan stretched out the word mom and wrote it himself. I was so proud. Then he wrote his own name.

Logan had surgery to fix a muscle in his eye that was causing him to have lazy eye. Our little friend Joy had the same procedure done by the same doctor. Joy made him a little care package for his surgery. Joel Owen one of our very best friends came to be with Joshua and I during the surgery and prayed with us for Logan. We are so thankful for his spiritual leadership and friendship.

Logan had to wear sunglasses after his surgery, so of course Lucas had to wear sunglasses too!

 Joel's wife Heather made us poppy seed chicken casserole, shells n cheese, crescent rolls, and fruit salad for dinner the day Logan had his surgery.

We took family pictures at our church. 

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