Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in Pictures: July & August

In July, I went to Student Life Camp in Tennessee with our church. I had so much fun, but missed my boys! Here's my family group for the week.

 Shortly after I got back, Joshua started throwing up. I took him to CareNow, turns out he had strep throat. Here he is waiting for the doctor.

We went to Chili's to eat dinner. While Logan ate dinner...

Lucas was crawling under the table.

In August, we celebrated Logan's 5th birthday at Texas Roadhouse. Here he is riding the saddle.

Logan and his presents.

Lucas with his little friends Melody and Grayson.

We bought a new couch for the playroom. Logan was so upset when Daddy put the old couch out at the curb. He said he was staying til the garbage man came. He lasted about 10 minutes.

 Justin celebrating his 10th birthday at his mom's apartment complex.

 One last play date at McDonald's with the Owen boys before they moved to Arkansas.

Lukie celebrating his 2nd birthday at home.

We had our 2nd annual birthday bash celebrating all three boys' birthdays along with celebrating our friends Chelsea, Marco, Ester, and Sean's birthdays as well.

We had Krista's baby shower at Texas Land & Cattle. We took a picture together before Heather moved to Arkansas.

One last picture of the Fab 4 the Sequel: Lucas, Melody, Grayson, and Lauren.

One last picture of the Fab 4: Josiah, Chelsea, Logan, and Rachel.

With the Owen boys at our church's farewell reception for the Owens. They're wearing their Team Joel shirts, our friend Isiah made them.

Logan with his teacher Mrs. Loftus on Sneak a Peek night.

 Logan's first day of kindergarten.

Logan was so exhausted the second day of school, he stumbled into the house from the garage and passed out in the rocking chair in the playroom.

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