Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 in Pictures: January & February

I was looking through old pictures and decided to go back and post about our year. I am sad though because I lost a lot of pictures when our computer crashed. I thought I had backed them up, but I hadn't. The pictures in this post I downloaded off of Facebook and are mostly mobile uploads so the quality isn't very good. I have not been very good about updating our family blog this year and my goal is to be better about it this coming year. I thought I would make up for the lack of posting in 2011 by doing this series of posts.

In January, we had several play dates with our friend Cadence and Duncan. Here's Lucas and Cadence driving the jeep the boys had gotten for Christmas.

We had fun swimming at Shelly's birthday party at the Kirby Creek Natatorium. They were so amazed that they could swim indoor during the winter!

Lucas had his first taste of lemon at Texas Roadhouse one Sunday after church...despite his first reaction he loves lemons.

Lucas asleep in the car on the way to church.

In February, Logan had a pajama day at school. He rode with Uncle Josh to pick me up from school and fell asleep.

This is my brother Josh with Lukie...Josh may be goofy, but there's nothing more in this world he loves than his nephews.

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