Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in Pictures: May & June

In May, Logan graduated from Preschool.

 He was given the Mr. Sweetness award!

 Here he is with Miss Cheryl.

Logan and Miss MaryK:

Our family picture after the ceremony. Logan was being goofy and Lucas didn't want to take a picture.

We also helped our friend Melody celebrate her 2nd birthday at the Carousel at Parks Mall. Lucas and I riding the Carousel.

Logan and Melody's big sister Chelsea.

After the party, we took the boys to eat lunch at The Magic Time Machine in Addison.

In June, the school year finally ended for me. We had lots of breakfasts on the back patio and the boys swam a lot in our pool.

We went to Siah and Grayson house to play water balloons and watch the Mavs game.

The boys got donuts for Father's Day breakfast. We woke up Father's Day to find our water heater had busted and water all over our garage. Joshua and Papaw (his Dad) spent most of Father's Day cleaning up the mess and replacing our water heater.

Here's the boys on Father's Day helping Daddy and Papaw by staying out of the way.

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