Saturday, August 20, 2016

First Week of School

      We went back to school this week. Monday was Open House. The boys were excited to "meet" their teachers. When your mom teaches at your school, you often know at least most of your teachers. We bought Logan PE uniforms. He dresses out for PE this year. Yikes! I can't believe he is old enough for that.

    On Tuesday afternoon, we went to see Nonnie for our back to school hair cuts. The boys are getting pretty good at telling Nonnie what they want done.

      Wednesday was the first official day. The boys agreed on cinnamon rolls for their special first day of school breakfast. This is actually the first year they started on the same day. That was a little surreal.

     We snapped a couple of quick pictures before heading out the door. 

     The boys had a little bit of anxiety because they mixed up the classes this year. Logan has been with the same group of kids for three years. But that was quickly gone once they realized they still had good friends in their classes even if they didn't have all their best buddies.    

     The boys love of their teachers. Daddy was happy to come home to three happy campers each night. I feel like this will be great year for both boys. Joshua and I are so thankful for the group of people who make up Team Lo and Team Lu. I know this will be a successful year for the boys.

     Lucas and I are so excited that his music teacher was my elementary music teacher! She was always one of my favorite teachers. It's just a blessing that Lucas will get to experience her music class.

     I have two brand new classes this year. The kiddos seem super sweet and eager to learn. I'm blessed to have a few that I've taught siblings or we're friends with their families. It's always a blessing to serve my friends by teaching their children. I was modeling our all about me book, and I asked one of my little scholars who knows me what he thought one of my hobbies or interests are. I was thinking he would say Alabama football, but his response was so much better, "having me in your class!".

     We are looking forward to an awesome school year!

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