Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lucas's First Day of Kindergarten

     Today was Lucas's first day of kindergarten. Today was hard for me. I'm naturally an emotional person who struggles with my children moving on to the next phase of life. Lucas is the last baby I'll send to kindergarten. Today was so hard for me.

       For Lucas, today was AWESOME!!!! (his words). Joshua and I took him to school and went to kindergarten orientation. Then we kissed him goodbye and sent him off to class. He smiled and was so excited. I went to teach the rest of my classes, and Joshua headed to work. Lucas had PE today with Coach Eddlemon, and of course he loved it! I think he's glad to have one of Logan's favorite teachers as his own.

     He loves his teacher, Mrs. Walton. He kept telling how they had fun. And all the things he got to do today. He told me several times he loves his teacher, and she is nice. He was disappointed when we told him he has to wait until Tuesday to go back to class.

      We stopped and got cupcakes from Big D's to celebrate a successful first day. I'm so thankful for Mrs. Walton and Coach Eddlemon and how they helped my boy have a great first day of school. Wonderful, caring teachers are such a blessing.

     And I admit, I peeked in the window twice to check on him.

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