Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Logan Elijah!!!

     Last night, I was actually up late like I was nine years ago when Logan born. I went into his room, climbed up on the top bunk, kissed him, and whispered, "Happy 9th Birthday, Logan." It brought me to tears to my eyes as I realized that at that moment nine years ago, things with Logan were very uncertain. (You can read about his birth here.) I truly believed we were going to be planning a funeral instead of bringing this sweet boy home from the hospital. In the wee hours of the morning on August 1, 2006, life was very, very bleak. I am incredibly thankful for our friends, Joel and Heather and our pastor, Shawn who came in the middle of the night to pray with us.

     It occurred to me the other day that if we have Logan in our home for 18 years, we now only have half the time left with him to teach and mold him into the godly boy and man we want him to be. That is a very sobering thought. Honestly, it's overwhelming as I look at the world around me. The amount of negative influences we have to combat as we try to train Logan up in the Lord is overwhelming. We must continue being diligent so that we through God's grace will have prepared him as best as we can. 

     This morning Logan woke up and crawled into bed next to me. We laid there and talked for a few minutes. I told him how special he is and reminded him that we must always share the good things God has done for us with others. I told him that God taking care of him at his birth was one of the those good things. Lucas and Liana are two other good things God has done for us. 

     I made him funfetti waffles, whipped cream, and sprinkles for his birthday breakfast. We also had donut holes. He was excited to see the birthday banners and chair cover in the kitchen this morning.

      He wanted a remote control helicopter, so that is what he got, but unfortunately it didn't work correctly. We never have good luck with the helicopters. We ended up taking it back to Target, and exchanging it for remote control Hot Wheels airplane/car. It is working much better.

     Grandma, Papaw, and Justin came over. Justin actually came to stay the night and celebrate Logan's birthday. Grandma and Papaw gave Logan a card. He was so excited when he opened and saw the money. It was the most money he had ever been given as a present before. He spent part of it on two video games, and still have a little bit left to spend on something else. 

     Logan wanted to go to Aunt Calli's house so he could see Calli and the girls. Of course we went swimming. It has been so long since we've been swimming with Calli. She wasn't able to swim the last two summers because of complications from her pregnancy. The girls just love being in the pool. We all had a good time. 

     Aunt Calli cooked pork loin, green beans, and fresh okra from her garden for dinner. She even had cake for Logan.

      We came home, sang Happy Birthday, and ate cupcakes. Logan said he had a great birthday and got everything he wanted.


    Dear Logan,

      I love you so much. This past year, you made the most important decision of your life. You decided to follow Jesus, and I have never been prouder of you. I pray that God strengthens your faith and gives you grace and courage to follow Him with all your heart and stand strong for Him. I pray you always spend time in God's Word and treasure it in your heart. If you follow God's Word, you will never go wrong. Following Jesus isn't easy, but He promises to walk to with you every step of the way, and He does.

     I love your sweet spirit and compassionate heart. I pray you always stay that way. It's so easy to be changed by this world, but I pray you always keep your heart tender to Jesus and His Word. You share Jesus with others. You are such a help to me. You are so sensitive to the people around you. You are the first one to give me a hug when I need it, and I never have to ask.

     You love school! You were diagnosed with dyslexia this year. I was worried you would be embarrassed, but you have embrace it and are proud of it. You work so hard, and I'm so proud of you. You never give up. All of your teachers love you and think you are a joy. Mrs. Gordon told me several times, "No one works harder than Logan." Always work hard and persevere. You never get where you want to be in life by giving up.

     You are a treasure and joy! We are so proud of you. I'm thankful for each moment God has given us with you. I'm so thankful that even though you had such a rough start to life, God has redeemed that and used it for His glory. You are so my special boy, and I love you so much.

Love always,


"Yes, the LORD has done amazing things for us! What joy!"
Psalm 126:3 NLT

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