Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Lucas Elisha!!!

     Lucas turned 6 on the day I went back to work. I decorated for his birthday the night before.

     I had his birthday breakfast all ready for him.

     They went swimming at Aunt Calli's while I was at work. Of course, they had a blast! Gram bought him McDonald's for lunch. Then we had Captain American cupcakes after dinner.

Dear Lucas Elisha,

     You have this big compassionate heart. And those big chocolate eyes. You bring so much joy and fun to our family! You're always dressing up in crazy outfits and playing pretend. Your favorite alter egos are the Green Ninja, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle, and Batman. You love Jesus and love going to church. You love your friends and are fiercely loyal. You can be very picky and particle about things, but then you can be easy going too. It just depends on your mood. You're complex-like your Daddy. And I love that about both of you. You love to sit in my lap and snuggle. You don't like to share me with Logan, but will when Daddy forces you too. You and Logan may fight, but no body better mess with Logan or you will take them down. I love you, Lucas Elisha!!! I'm so thankful God chose me to be your mommy! You are my special boy!


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