Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chelsea's Pioneer Party

     A week ago Saturday we drove out to Paris for Chelsea's 6th birthday party. The boys were so excited to get to see the Clarks and their new home. They were also excited to see the kids' grandparents too! They were the only boys there besides baby Miles.

     Aunt Krista gave them a real pioneer experience including washing clothes on a washboard. Then they had to race to the line and pin up the clothing they washed.

     Baby Miles is getting so big-he'll be one in September!

     They had 3 legged races.

     They also played A Tisket, A Tasket.

     We made ice cream in a bag.

     Here's Chelsea opening her presents.

     On the way back to Arlington, Logan told me it made his heart happy to see our friends again. I absolutely agree with him-I'm very thankful we were able to make the trip to celebrate Chels' birthday!

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