Sunday, January 10, 2016

Visit with Grandpa & the Girls

     Yesterday we went to visit Grandpa. He was napping in the recliner watching Fox News when we arrived. His color is so much better. He was so happy to see me when he woke up. He smiled and patted my face. Then he told me I was slumming it because I was wearing yoga pants and had no make up on. I just laughed. One of the things I love about Grandpa is you know exactly what he's thinking. And where you stand. Always. Of course he was thrilled to see Joshua and the boys too. 

      The boys love that they can play with the girls. JJ just adores Luc and thinks he's the funniest thing ever. She was belly laughing because he was pretending to eat her play food. Then we were all laughing at her. CJ loves for Lo to carry her around. Even though she's tiny, she's still half Lo's size. 
     I'm so thankful God has allowed us this time to enjoy with Grandpa. 

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