Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Snapshots

A few snapshots from our week:

      Logan is our own lil Dr. House in the making (hopefully minus the bitterness and inappropriateness. Ha!). He sketched and labeled a picture of himself on my whiteboard and was examining it. When asked, he informed me he was "trying to diagnose his side pain." Then he showed me how it hurts on both sides but not all the way across so maybe it's not related to his tummy issues. 

      The boys did homework in the salon while I got my hair done. Good thing Nonnie loves them so much and, she was so gracious about that circus. They were very well behaved, but we won't do that again anytime soon. 

      Lucas is loving basketball! He's improving so much, but the most important thing is he's having fun. 

      We showed our Tide pride as we cheered them on to their 16th national championship. Roll Tide!

I wore the Bama vest Joshua bought me for Christmas with my houndstooth scarf to school on Monday. A couple of people told me they were curious about what I would wear that day. I guess people know I'm a little bit of a fan. Ha! 

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