Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Week in Pictures

Sunday~Lucas is really into puzzles right now.

Monday~I've been working on de-cluttering around the house a little bit everyday. 

Tuesday~Logan went for his eye check from his surgery when he was 4. 

Wednesday~Jungle Animal night at AWANA 

Lucas went as a (Ninja) turtle. Miss Kelli asked him if he was a turtle that lives in the jungle, and he told her no he was a ninja turtle. She gave him points anyway. I'm surprised he didn't tell her he lived in the sewer. 

Logan wore a monkey tail. 

Thursday~The boys played so sweetly before school. 

It's been so cold lately. My scarves have been getting lots of use! 

Friday~Lucas had an errand date with Grammie. I got him all bundled up to go out in the cold. 

Saturday~We've had a lazy day. Lucas and I aren't feeling well. Again. 

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