Friday, June 28, 2013

SPAM and Creation

     At Breakthru this week, the students were given a can of SPAM to create something with. The students, once they got over their disgust, had fun with their SPAM creations. When they had finished, everyone went around and shared/explained their SPAM creation.

     Then Matt taught from Genesis 1:1-2:3 about creation. He discussed that God gave dominion to man as a gift. He has the ability to gift us with dominion because He is the One ultimately in control. Then he moved into more of a discussion about how media distorts our view of ourselves in relation to the fact we are made in God's image. Then he finished up with a discussion about whether or not it matters if you believe in the six day creation. Matt posed this question, "If God is who He says He is and Jesus did what He did, is a six day creation really that hard to believe?".

      I loved the discussions the students had with Matt. I loved hearing them share their thoughts and back up their beliefs.

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