Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

     The boys made their first trip to the dentist today. They both did great!

     Logan was a pro. He went back by himself and had the X-rays done. They got them all the first time. He did great with cleaning. She said he was a little wiggly because the toothbrush was tickling his mouth. His teeth looked great, and he should be losing some more baby teeth very soon. 

     Lucas was so amazing. He listened and did so well they were able to give him the big boy cleaning. He was so compliant they decided to try X-rays. They were able to get the front half. Lucas has 6 cavities! They all started on the side of the teeth. She told me his teeth are so tight that brushing wouldn't prevent the ones he has. We have to start flossing their teeth, especially Lucas.

     I'm so proud of how the boys did. They loved Dr. Yoon! 

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