Monday, June 10, 2013

King Tut and Big Trucks

     This morning we went the library to sign up for the summer reading program. Last summer was our first time. The boys enjoyed all the reading and trips to the library last summer and have been eagerly anticipating this year's program!

     First we signed up and picked up our reading logs and bookmarks. Then we chose our books and headed into the children's theatre for the King Tut story time. The boys were some of the most well behaved children there. They sat quietly and listened intently. A few things they learned about King Tut are:

  • He was a boy king of Egypt. 
  • He became king when he was 9. 
  • He had five chariots buried with him in his tomb. 
  • He lived 3,000 years ago. 
  • He had a mask made of solid gold that weighs 22 lbs. 
I was so impressed that they remembered all the those things as we talked about it on the way home. The library has some replicas currently on display. The boys loved looking at them and learning more about King Tut and his treasures.

     Then we went outside to look at the big trucks the city workers use to do their jobs. The workers are always so nice and talkative with the children. The boys loved climbing up into the trucks and trying out all the controls.

     The boys are so excited to start reading and earning rewards this summer! 

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