Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lucas' Trip to the ER

     Tonight Lucas made his first (and hopefully only!) trip to the ER. Logan and Lucas were wrestling near the fireplace. Joshua had just told them to knock it off when Lucas tripped and cut his forehead open on the fireplace. He has a pretty deep gash, but thankfully it did not bleed a whole lot. Here's a picture taken right after it happen and right before we left for the ER.

    Here we are waiting in the ER. He was happy and acting fine the whole time. It was hard to keep him from running and climbing all over the furniture while we waited. We were so blessed that we did have to wait very long at all. I kept telling Lucas to make his sad face and he couldn't do it. He told me, "Mommy I'm happy. My head hurts though".

     After the nurse took us back and checked his vitals, they gave him two sheets of stickers. One was Spiderman and one was Cars. He was so sweet and asked the nurse if he could have some stickers for his brother. 

    Logan was so upset and worried about his brother. When we left Logan and Grammie prayed for Lucas and Logan just layed in the bed worrying about his brother. Logan was so relieved when we got home and he saw Lucas was okay. Our friend Siah told his mommy and daddy that Lucas would probably get glue beacuse three year olds are too little to get stitches; it might hurt his brain." Siah was right. Lucas has been glued and butterflied back together and is back to running around. 

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