Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just a Lazy Saturday

    Logan and I survived our first week back at school after the winter holiday break...we both had a great week back and it didn't seem months long like 4 day weeks normally do. We've enjoyed a pretty lazy Saturday today. The boys are still in their pjs and playing in the other room. 

    The boys slept until 7:45am which is a HUGE deal at our house! Then when they woke up, I got them breakfast and chocolate milk and they played pretty quietly in the playroom while I laid in bed for another hour. Mom and I caught up on some of our DVR shows Joshua doesn't watch while he worked his half day this morning. The boys did a good job of willingly straightening the house with me before Daddy got home. 

    When Joshua got home, he cooked lunch for everyone, while I worked on one my organizing projects. The first project I tackled was TV shelf in the den. My shelf and the table underneath it had been taken over by movies and Wii games. As a result of it being overtaken I hadn't dusted it well since Thanksgiving break. I took all the movies back to their designated spots. Then I put the Wii games and accessories in one of my cute Thirty-One all in one organizers. I relocated the movies on my table back to their designated areas  and put my pictures and candles back where they belong on my table. Here's what it looks like now.

    As I was writing this post, my boys got really quiet...which normally means they're up to something. I went to check on them and found this precious moment. They're laying on the floor in their bedroom watching Mr. Popper's Penguins on Justin's Kindle, enjoying our lazy Saturday.

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