Friday, June 18, 2010

Splash Time!

Yesterday we went to California Lane Park in Arlington. They have a splash area and a playground. We took our friend Rachel with us and met some friends from church for some playtime and lunch. The kids had some much fun running in the water and filling up Chelsea's bucket and dumping it on each other.

Lucas mostly had fun crawling through the water, except for when one of the sprinklers turned to its highest setting and he was in the middle. He crawled out and laid down flat on the splash pad crying. It was very pitiful!

Chelsea and Melody

Olivia was too cute running through the water. It would hit her in the face and she'd smile and keep going.

After playing in the water, we sat down at the pavilion and ate a picnic lunch.

I don't know who loves our summer play dates more me or the kids. I loved catching up with Krista and getting to know Mandy better!


  1. Thank you for taking my kiddo...and feeding her!! I didn't even think to ask my MIL to get her lunch box ready for her! Such a good friend you are!

  2. No problem! She asked about lunch when I picked her up, but I had already bought her lunchable-pizza of course. Glad I could take her.