Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucas at 10 Months

On June 12th, Lucas turned 10 months old. He's getting so big so fast! Lucas is now done with the swing, the jumper roo, the bouncer chair-pretty much anything that keeps him contained. He's very mobile. He's been crawling for a little of 2 months and he has mastered walking around by holding onto the furniture and walls. He's trying to take steps. He gets very mad when he falls on his face. Within the week and a half before he turned 10 months old (which was also my first week and a half of summer vacation), Lucas weaned himself from nursing and from the bottle. He takes his formula from the cup all by himself like a big boy! I'm glad he weaned himself, but I was hoping he would wait til sometime in July.

Here's Lucas in an outfit that was Logan. It's one of my favorites.
Here's big boy Luc drinking his formula from his cup!

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