Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Do This!

I've been slow about joining the blogging bandwagon (like I was about myspace and facebook)! However, I've had so much fun blogging about my kindergarten class that I finally decided I could make time to blog about my favorite thing-my family.

A little bit about me: I am married to Joshua Shaw and we have three boys: Logan, Lucas, and Justin who lives with his mom. Joshua and I met at Pumpkin Patch at Inglewood Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX on Halloween night 2003. We dated for 3 years before we got married. Joshua's sister Hollie (who went home to be with the Lord almost 3 years ago) introduced us. Joshua is a store manager of a Walgreens in North Richland Hills. I teach kindergarten in Grand Prairie ISD and just finished my 5th year of teaching.

Justin was only 2 when Joshua and I met. Justin is now 8 and will be in 4th grade in August. He's very smart and I'm proud to say Justin earned commended scores on his reading TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test!

Logan Elijah is 3 and too smart for his own good most of the time. He loves Thomas the Train and Scooby Doo. He has a very active imagination and loves his Jesus (praise and worship) music. He loves to sing and get into things he's not suppose to. Most of all Logan loves being a big brother!

Lucas Elisha will be 10 months old on June 12th. He is the complete opposite of Logan very laid back and chill. He's really beginning to develop his own personality. He loves his big brother Logan and crawls after him everywhere he goes. Lo and Luc are already conspiring together. Logan "breaks him out of" the den so they can get into things together. My prayer while I was pregnant with Lucas was that the children would be close and love each other. God has faithfully been answering that prayer. Logan is quick to stand up for Lucas when he doesn't like what is said or done to his brother.

Joshua and I are very fortunate to have my mom live with us and help us raise the boys. Every other weekend she visits her sister in Haltom City and the boys can't wait for her to come home and she can't wait to be back with them.

Our family attends Inglewood Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX. IBC has been my church home for the past 7 years and Joshua's since he was in middle school. We were blessed to have Joshua's former student minister and our former small group minister Doug Hixson perform our wedding. Joshua and I both help with Extended Teaching Care during the worship service about every 5 weeks. I work with students on Wednesday night during Breakthru. My small group is middle school girls (7th and 8th grade) and I love it. My girls are so special to me. Wednesdays is usually my long day because during the school year we have staff meeting after school. I always look forward to ending my day with my girls in worship! We are also lucky to have a group of friends who have children close to the same age as ours.

We are grateful for the blessings God has and continues to give us.

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  1. Looks Cool Kaydi, I figured it was a matter of time for you to do a family one considering what a good job you have done on you school blog.