Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adventures of Logan & Rachel

Last Tuesday, Logan was so excited because one of his best friends Rachel came to play while her mommy was at work. In their own words they like to go on adventures together (hence the name of the post). The majority of their adventures include them getting into things they aren't suppose too. Their first adventure consisted of them locking themselves in the front bathroom and hiding in the dark. Logan was under the sink and Rachel was in the bathtub with the shower curtain closed. Then they went outside to play and ended up soaking each other with the water hose. They sat on the trampoline and played with her Little People. They did silly dances to make Lucas laugh and watched Toy Story. I think my favorite was when they took turns walking around the house in Joshua's snowboarding boots. They are two of my very favorite 3 year olds, but I'm so thankful I only have 1 child that age. After being with the two of them from about 7:45am til about 7:00pm, I know there is NO way I could ever teach children younger than kindergarten. I'd end up in jail!

Eating their M&Ms they got because they were good for my mom while I was at the grocery store.
They wore Lucas out. He fell asleep eating his lunch!

On the trampoline with the Little People.

Eating popcorn and watching Toy Story. (I wish you could hear the way Rachel says it! It's sooo cute!)

Rach in Josh's boots and Logan jumping over the couch.

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