Saturday, July 27, 2013

Splash Dash

    Logan decided back in April he wanted to run a race like Mrs. Eddlemon, Mrs. Loftus, and our friends the Jeffries. So I discussed it with Leigh Ann (Mrs. Eddlemon), and she suggested we start with a one mile or 1K fun run.

      So I searched the Internet and came across the Splash Dash. I thought it would be perfect: a race where you get wet at the end of July when it's normally unbearable and close to home. I showed Logan pictures and he was excited, so I signed us up for the 1K fun run.

     We began training by running around our neighborhood. We had a minor setback when I twisted my ankle at the end of April. My ankle still gives me trouble off and on, but thankfully it's been great the last couple of weeks. 

     Logan and I saw several friends who were there to run the 5K. Joshua and Lucas came to cheer us on. 

     When the race starter yelled, "Ready! Get wet! Go!", Logan took off. He smoked me! He had never run like that with me before! He would occasionally look back and smile at me. He briefly slowed down to run through the big water pool, but then he was off again. He was in the first group of kids to cross the finish line, and he was waiting for me grinning ear to ear! In the picture below, a kid sprayed a water gun in my face right as Joshua took the picture. 

     After the race, the boys enjoyed a sno cone. Logan is already begging to do another race. He wants to do the 5K next time. I told him we would start training for it and see how it goes. 

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