Sunday, July 28, 2013

Athens Adventure

     This year our vacation Bible school theme was an Athens Adventure. Instead of being divided by grade levels, we were divided into Oikios (family groups). Clara and I led the Colossae (red) group. Truthfully, Clara did it all, and I was mostly just crowd control.

     Each night we went to arena games where we trained to be Olympic athletes, Paul's Adventures where Paul shared with us his adventures from his second missionary journey, and the marketplace where we had our snack and chose two shops to visit. The last two nights of Bible school we also had a petting zoo. 

     One of the things the kids were encouraged to do was to be on the lookout for God sightings-things only God can do. That is something I want to encourage my boys to continue to do even now that VBS is over. Logan and Lucas enjoyed Bible school so much, and we are so thankful for the adults and students who volunteered their time to share Jesus with our boys!!! 

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