Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sweet Surrender

     Yesterday I attempted to pray the same prayer I've been praying for quite a while. Instead, every time, these words came out, "Thy will be done." The honest, ugly truth is often times when I pray His will be done what I really mean is I need my will to be Your will, and I need it on my time table. 

     As I've attempted to pray the same prayer again with those four words coming out instead, I have realized as much as I want what I want, I've grown enough on my faith journey to know His plans are so much greater than mine. And though I often can't see or understand the why, I know the best and safest place to be is right where He wants me. Even if it's not where I think I want to be. 

    He has changed my prayer, but the desire of my heart remains the same. So I'll continue to pray until He grants my desire. Or changes it to match His. 

     There is such freedom and peace that  comes with the sweet surrender of "Your will be done." 

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