Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life with Boys

     Life with my boys is always interesting. 

     Tuesday night the boys decided to place their WWE championship on the window sill above the front door (and no I don't want to know how they got it up there without a ladder), and have a no falls count curtain (since they again didn't have a ladder) match for the WWE championship. My mom walked into the front of the house to find Lucas hanging from the curtain rod. Miraculously, the curtain rod only managed to come loose, but not out of the wall. As Mom is pulling Luc off, Lo climbs the curtains to get the belt down. I'm pretty sure only God's grace kept them from getting hurt. 

     Then today I realized at nine years old Logan has figured out girls. At lunch after being made aware he had hurt a girl's feelings, I asked him about it. He assured me that he had not said that. It had supposedly happened at lunch, and I told him it was a misunderstanding. I explained he needed to make it right by letting her know he did not say that. But he was sorry her feelings were hurt, and he would not want that to happen. His response completely caught me off guard, "Mom. She's a girl. That's too much work. I'll just apologize and say it won't happen again. If I explain I didn't say that, she's gonna argue with me that I did. It's just easier to apologize and move on." 

     I probably should've had a discussion with him about how being honest is always the best choice, but I laughed and told him to make it right. Mom fail. 

     But then there are these moments when they get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, and do their quite time with the Lord all on their own. Then I think they might turn out okay. 

     I'm so thankful for these crazy boys God entrusted to me. 

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