Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine Fun

     We started Valentine's Day with a special breakfast. I woke up early and set the table. I also set out the boys' gifts and cards I made. 

     The boys loved their gifts. They each received a Star Wars m&m dispenser. They loved their heart shaped cinnamon rolls! 

     The boys love cinnamon rolls, but Joshua loves breakfast casserole. So I baked a bacon, egg, and cheese casserole for him. 

     In church, the Kids' Choir sang L-O-V-E You, God. Logan rocked his solo on the first verse. The kids sang this two years ago too. It was their first performance after my miscarriage. I would listen to that song and just cry. It was such a great reminder for me of all the ways God shows us He loves us. This Sunday I cried happy tears as I remembered God's faithfulness to us. 

     After church, Joshua took the boys and I out to lunch. And Lucas declared his superpower is melting ice cream. 

    After lunch we took a nap. Then we headed to Calli's to visit Grandpa. We really cherish our time with him. And I'm so thankful he's moved here so the boys can get to know him. 

     After that we headed home for our fancy dinner. This has become one of my favorite Valentine's Day traditions. I made pesto ranch chicken, angel hair Parmesan pasta, and broccoli. I also baked a pink velvet heart shaped cake with pink buttercream frosting and pink candy sprinkles. I also made Love Potion (vanilla ice cream and cherry 7-Up). 

     Then Joshua and the boys gave me their gifts. Logan got flowers for me. Lucas gave me my favorite chocolates, and Joshua bought me another cross. 

    It was a perfect Valentine's Day. 

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