Monday, March 9, 2015

Playing in the Rain

    Today has been a rainy day. The boys have been asking to go out to jump. And I've been telling them no because it's cool and rainy. The house suddenly became quiet and I knew the boys were up to something. Of course, they had snuck outside to jump.

     As I peeked through the blinds, I realized I had a choice to make at that moment. I could scold them, bring them inside, and clean them up. Or just let them play. They've come in the house soaking wet from playing in the snow and ice four different days within the last two weeks. They've played in temperatures twenty to thirty degrees colder than it is now. So I decided to just let them play. I had about forty-five minutes of peace-listening to them in the backyard running and playing together. The best part, they got along the entire time.

     Sometimes you just need to play in the rain. Today was one of those times.

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