Sunday, March 22, 2015

AWANA Pinewood Derby 2015

     This afternoon was the Pinewood Derby at AWANA. This is one of my family's favorite events! The boys love making their cars with Daddy. Of course they love the racing part too!

     Race day began with the cubbie racing matchbox cars. Lucas is looking forward to racing big boy cars next year!

     Then the Sparkies and T&T kids raced. 

     Finally the grown ups raced! Joshua raced against Chris, Kelli, and Brice. Joshua had a lot of fun. Lucas helped him build his car. 

     Ms. Kelli handed out the awards at the end of the race. Lucas received a participation ribbon. 

     Logan won third place for design!

     Joshua won first place for design and second place for speed!

     It was a fun race day for the Shaw boys!

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