Monday, September 8, 2014

Lucas's First Day of PreK

     Today was Lucas's first day of PreK. He's been so excited and anxious to start school. He jumped out of bed when I went in to wake him up. He wanted cinnamon waffles and strawberry milk for breakfast.

    Then I got him dressed, and we took out first day of school pictures. 




      First we dropped Logan off at school. Then we came home for a few minutes before heading off to Lucas's school. When we got out of the car, Lucas grabbed a hold of my hand and held on for dear life. As soon as we put away his things and got him seated, he was all good. I watched him play with play dough and cookie cutters. 

     Then I told him it was time for me to go. He said okay, gave me kiss, and told me bye. I didn't cry until I got home. And even then I just shed a few tears. I couldn't help but think, this would've been my time with my baby girl, but I kept busy and had a productive day. 

    When I went to pick Lucas up, he was eating his snack. He was happy, and Miss Pat said he had a really good day. In the car, he asked me not to pick him until snack time was over. Lucas told us the Bible story was Jesus let the children come to Him. He loves the playground! And he was counting to 25 in the car. I think he's going to be really happy. 

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