Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Reading Club

    Yesterday, I took the boys to the Grand Prairie public library to sign up for the summer reading club. It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood because Mom always signed us up for the summer reading club and library activities. I remember one time Calli and I got to spend the night at the library. The boys were so excited to do what Mommy, Aunt Calli, and Uncle Josh used to do. They had lots of different vehicles out for the kids to climb in and explore. Here they are in

an ambulance,

 on a tractor,

 in a bulldozer,

 in a firetruck,

 on the back of the firetruck, 

 and in a dump truck.
Aren't they sweet?!

    Then we went inside listened to the children's librarian read Officer Buckle and Gloria. We signed up for the reading club,  and then found some books to check out.

    After lunch, we had some "school" time, reading time, and rest time.

    Summer is off to a great start!

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