Thursday, December 30, 2010


This Christmas Joshua and I decided that Logan was old enough for us to really focus on the expectation of Jesus' birth and begin to understand the importance of it. We've done a magnetic advent "calendar" in the past and read little devotionals we've found for preschoolers about Christmas but this year, we bought through our church an advent book for preschoolers. We read a little devotional, talked about what it meant, prayed together, and then added the piece to our magnetic advent display. God was faithful to answer our prayers for our family to be focused on Jesus this holiday season...I know this to be true because when asked, Logan's favorite things where the advent devotionals and making a birthday cake for Jesus! Our preschool/children's minister, Miss Kimberly, had the preschoolers have a birthday party for Jesus in Sunday school the Sunday before Christmas and then provided the supplies to make a birthday cake for Jesus at home. Here's a picture of the boys with our cake.

Logan's next favorite memory was baking and decorating cookies for Santa with Rachel and Lauren...poor Lukie missed out on the fun, he was taking a nap. The kids helped me cut the dough into shapes and then I frosted the cookies while my mom helped them add the sprinkles.

We had Christmas at Grandma and Papaw's house in Weatherford. Grandma cooked a nice big Christmas lunch for us, and the boys were so excited about their presents.

On Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with Pepaw, Aunt Calli, and Uncle Robert. We had Mexican food and opened gifts. Every was so excited they got to here me read our final advent devotional, The Night Before Christmas, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ;) Here's a picture of the boys!

Then on Christmas morning, it was just us, the boys, Mom, and Uncle Josh because Pepaw had to work. Christmas day was very relaxing...we had pajama day. I'm very proud to say our boys have been very grateful for their presents this year. Almost after every present, we got hugs and thank yous. Here a picture from Christmas morning.

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