Monday, November 23, 2015

Dental Check up

     It was time for the boys see the dentist. 

     I was worried about Lucas because we have a wrestling match every night to get his teeth brushed. I'm pretty sure Joshua and I could be the WWE Tag Team champions with all the practice Lucas gives us. 

     Lucas got his teeth cleaned first while Logan got a panoramic X-ray. 

      They used this pink dye to reveal the areas they we need to brush better. Surprisingly the back of their mouths looked great. It was the front we're not getting brushed as well. 

     Of course Logan was compliant as always. 

     Lucas's teeth looked great. No cavities at all. Logan has two small spots we're watching. They haven't grown since their last check up, and he's not experiencing any pain so we'll leave them alone for now. They are in teeth he should lose soon. 

      Their favorite part of the visit-new toothbrushes and bouncy balls!

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