Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ring of Honor

      Back in November, I received the very first Ring of Honor award at my school. I am truly humbled to receive this award and to be the very first staff person to receive the award. The award is given to an elementary student, secondary student, and staff member who exemplifies the ideals of an UME Eagle. I work with so many amazing people who deserve this award more than I do. I will say that even before receiving this award that I have never worked at a school where I felt more encouraged and appreciated than where I am at now.

     When I was given the award, nice things were said by staff, our administration, and parents. The words spoken that I will forever remember were the words spoken to me by my sweet Logan. "Mom, I was so proud when Mr. Horton said your name on the announcements! I'm really, really proud of you! I love you so much! I think you're the best mom and teacher!" 

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