Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Time!

Tonight we cleaned out and carved our pumpkins! This was the first year Logan actually cleaned out most of his pumpkin on his own. He wanted an angry bird pumpkin so Joshua carved the red angry bird face on one side of the pumpkin and a piggy face on the other side of Lo's pumpkin.

I did all the cleaning and carving of Lucas' pumpkin. He put his hand in one time and told me, "Yucky!". I gave him a choice of the angry bird piggy or an Alabama pumpkin and he chose Bama with absolutely no coaching from me! Joshua laughed and said, "He's such a momma's boy!". Luc loved the way his pumpkin turned out. I think it turned out pretty well for someone who has never carved a pumpkin before.

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