Friday, March 23, 2012

Arkansas Vacation

    For our first family vacation, we went to Hot Springs, AR to visit some of our best friends who moved there this past August.  It was the boys' first long car ride and we were a little nervous, but the boys did great! Here they are watching their movies and playing their video games.

  We went to church with them. The pastor of the church is our former pastor and he was in Israel, so our friend Joel who is the student pastor preached. After church, they took us to a cute little barbecue place called Smokin in Style. It was yumo! Here's the boys with Siah at lunch.

    Here's Joshua reading to Logan and Siah while Lucas and Gray run around.

    The boys had so much fun running and playing. Lucas kept putting the helmet on backwards.

We went on a walk after it had rained all day. We made it through most of the walk dry until the little brothers ran into the biggest puddle they could find. After that the big brothers had to splash through a puddle too. We had to strip the kids in the garage and put them in the bathtub. Heather and I had told them to just take off their pants, socks, and shoes; we turned around and they had completely or mostly stripped themselves. Oh little boys!

Here's the little sleepy heads watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse together.

    Here's Lucas and GrayGray playing doctor. Gray was sick, and Lucas was giving him a shot (notice Luc is holding it upside down) to make him feel better.

    We went to Jump City and the boys had so much fun playing, bouncing, and running around.

 After Jump City, we met Joel for lunch at Chick-fil-a. We happened to run into so Crimson Tide fans from Tuscaloosa.  The boys sat at their own table and were so well behaved, a couple of sweet little grandmas told us they wanted to steal them and take them home.

    They have a couple of empty lots next to their house, so we hid Easter eggs for the boys to find. They played play doh and blew bubbles. The boys enjoyed being with their friends so much!

Here's the boys on our way back home.

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