Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bed Hopping

    Logan and Lucas start snuggled up together in their bed.

When Joshua and I wake up, they are in our bed or Grammie's bed.

    If I wake up when they get in the bed, I wait for them to go sleep and put them back in their bed.

    But at least one of them ends back up in our bed most nights.

    We used to really try to get the boys to sleep and stay in their bed all night. Joshua and I finally decided that while it's nice when they sleep and stay in their bed, there's only a season of life that they will want to sleep and snuggle with us. Now we embrace it and sometimes even initiate it. 

  Everyone has an opinion about co sleeping...but this season of life only lasts so long, so we've decided to embrace it. One day I'll look back on these pictures and they will be a sweet memory Joshua and I will cherish.

   By the way, one day Logan was talking to my mom begging her to let him sleep in her bed. He told Grammie I bed hop-I'm gonna wake up and get in your bed anyway! Needless to say, he got to sleep in Grammie's bed that night!

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