Monday, August 1, 2011

Easter Celebration

We had a fun filled Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to our church and hunted Easter eggs. It was both boys first time at a "real" Easter egg hunt. Then we listened to Bro. Steve use silly bands to tell about our need for Christ and his sacrifice for us. Logan is my really picky eater. He hardly eats anything so most of the time, he hardly eats! He ate a whole bag of popcorn, a whole hotdog with ketchup, some chips and a third of a cookie after the egg hunt. It was sad, Joshua had to work, so he missed their first real egg hunt.

Saturday night before bed, we dyed Easter eggs.

The Easter bunny came!

We have really done a good job of downplaying the Easter bunny because when I told Logan the first time to be good Saturday or the Easter Bunny wouldn't come. He said I thought Easter was about Jesus living again! It encouraged me that he knew the focus is Jesus and to be even more deliberate at Christmas and Easter to keep the focus on Jesus!

Our family before church! Justin was with his mom. :(

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